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PLANNING Urban planning (urban, city, and town  planning) provides a technical and political  process dealing with the use of land and  design of the urban environment,  including transportation links, to guide and  ensure a well developed community. Our  planning process concerns itself with  research and analysis, strategic thinking,  urban design, public consultation, policy  recommendations, implementation and  management of the community resources.  The planning program at Gateway  Design Studio provides first hand  industry knowledge and expertise towards  all aspects of analysis through final  recommendations.  We believe that  sustainable development has come  to represent an ideal outcome in the  sum of all planning goals  Our planning experience provides in-depth  research and results pertaining to the  sample listed products below: Inventory and Analysis Plans  Overall Facility Master Plans Land Planning/Zoning Documentation  Site Development Plans  An ongoing commitment to meet our  clients needs is done by following a critical  path with designated milestones that will  lead to a successful result. With our planning team YOU will  experience an intimate and personal effort  provided by our staff in order to develop  design concepts that are reviewed  continuously with the client to assure the  best solution to the project’s needs are  met.
LANDSCAPE DESIGN  At GDS we study the systematic  investigation of existing social, ecological,  and geological conditions and processes in  the landscape, and provide sustainable   design solutions that will produce the  “highest best use” outcome.   Our Studio provides site planning;  stormwater management; environmental  restoration; parks and recreation planning;  visual resource management; green  infrastructure planning and provision; as well  as design for private estates and residences;  all at varying degrees of design  development, planning and management.  Gateway Design Studio offers over 25  years of professional design expertise  working on landscape projects related to the  following types of work:  Site Inventory and Analysis Plans  and Reports Site Development Plans and Reports  Landscape Plans and Specifications Irrigation Sprinkler Plans and  Specifications Landscape Maintenance Manuals  Tree Preservation Plans and  Specifications Environmental Assessments Our Studio integrates both the sciences  and artistic realms of design in the  development of the site related to  contours, views, planting and  aesthetics. Our goal is to incorporate all  the facets of design into a solution which  explores the senses of creating an  experiential “sense of place”.
ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN Environmental design is the process of  providing solutions for surrounding   environmental parameters when devising  plans, programs, policies, buildings, or products. Environmental design also refers  to the applied arts and sciences dealing  with creating the man-made designed  environment. Our studio design approach  expands the environmental design  approach to apply to ecological and  sustainability issues. Examples of our environmental design  process include use of planning and   design models in analyzing and designing  a solution that meets sustainable design  criteria. Our design studio consciously  works within this framework of  philosophy and practices to seek a  cooperation of nature and  technology, regarding ecology as the  basis for design. At Gateway Design Studio we believe  that strategies of conservation,  stewardship, and regeneration can be  applied at all levels of scale from the  individual site and building to the overall  community as a whole, with benefit to the  individuals and local and global  ecosystems.
SITES = The Sustainable Sites Initiative The Sustainable Sites Initiative is a partnership of the American Society of Landscape Architects, the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, and the United States Botanic Garden in conjunction with a diverse group of stakeholder organizations to establish and encourage sustainable practices in landscape design, construction, operations, and maintenance.
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