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North Section Plan
South Section Plan
Park Improvements Under Construction
Our Parks and Recreation Studio has over 20 years of skilled practice providing municipal and  parks/recreation design projects. We are committed to provide full support and expert design guidance with  respect to analysis and final recommendations for your park project.  Our range of experience includes  overall parks master plans, new and existing park development, sustainable site design, nature playgrounds  and recreation centers. In addition, a well experienced professional support staff will work on the project as  part of the GDS design team.  CLICK ON THE THUMBNAILS BELOW TO ENLARGE... 
Lewis Park - Phase 1 Improvements University City, MO
FEATURES: 4 Acres Native Landscape Natural Resource Preservation Water Quality Management Raingarden Storm Water Management Walking Trail Signage/Wayfinding Benches/Site Furnature $800,000 total budget
SERVICES:  Master Planning Public Engagement Graphics Cost Estimation Construction Documents Bid Administration Construction Administration
CLIENT:  City of University City, MO TIMELINE:  Master Plan - Fall 2013 Final Plans - Spring 2014 Construction Start - Fall 2014 Completed - Summer 2015
Norma Sutherland- Smith Park Columbia, MO
FEATURES: 50 Acres Native Landscape Natural Resource Preservation Bioretention Storm Water Management Trail System - Paved & Extreme New Pavilion Future Splash Pad 4 acre fishing lake Future Ball Field Future Tennis Center Gazebo Lookouts
SERVICES:  Trail Planning Landscape Design Grading Design Preliminary Design Construction Documents Specifications Cost Estimation
CLIENT:  Midwest Environmental Consultants/City of Columbia Parks & Rec TIMELINE:  Final Design - Summer 2015 Construction Start - Fall 2015
Overall Park Plan
North Section Detail
Lake and Ball Field
Riperian Buffer and Tennis Court Center
Veterans Memorial Park Union, MO
FEATURES: New Entrance Drive New Trail System Baseball Field 2 Soccer Fields Football Field SplashPad & Pavilion Quadplex with new concession stand Amphitheater Field Lighting Field Drainage
SERVICES:  Sports Field Design Field Drainage Design Landscape Design Sports Field Lighting Landscape Design Splash Park Design Wayfinding/Signage Construction Documents Bidding Assistance Public Engagement Cost Estimation
CLIENT:  Cochran Engineering /City of Union, MO TIMELINE:  Final Design - Spring 2015 Bid - Summer 2015 Construction Start - Fall 2015
Overall Park Development Plan
Ball Field Detail Plan
Splash Pad Detail Plan
Splash Pad Concept Image
“New Fields” Athletic Complex Master Plan Sullivan, MO
FEATURES: Softball Quadplex 2 Soccer Fields Main Drive and Parking Improvements Memorial Park Trail System Pavilions and Concession Buildings Fairground Improvements Fairground Memorial Plaza New Playground
Overall Master Plan
Berry Park Development Plan - Eureka, MO
Small Shelter - Berry Park, Eureka, MO
Trail Head - Berry Park, Eureka, MO
Playground Entrance - Berry Park
ADDITIONAL NOTABLE PARKS AND REC PROJECTS ARE LISTED BELOW.... Afton White Rodgers Community Center Playground, St. Louis, MO Creve Coeur Park Branwood Playground, St. Louis, MO Creve Coeur Park Greensfelder Playground, St. Louis, MO City of Sunset Hills Parks Flood Study Schaeffer Property Park Design, Florissant, MO Lake St. Louis Clubhouse, Lake St. Louis, MO
Berry Park  Eureka, MO
FEATURES: Pervious Asphalt Parking Lot Small Park Shelter Large Park Shelter Restroom/Storage Bldg. Walking Trail Native Meadows Drought/Salt Resistance Plants Native Plant Material Zero Entry Playground Natural Resource Protection Storm Water Management with no sewers
SERVICES:  Park Planning Trail Planning Flood Plain Engineering Civil Design Grading Design Landscape Architecture Playground Design Sustainable Design
CLIENT:  City of Eureka CONTRACTOR: LandDesign, LLC TIMELINE:  Completed - Spring 2010
SERVICES:  Park Master Planning Stakeholder Meetings Landscape Concept Design Sports Field Design Cost Estimation Development Guidelines
CLIENT:  Cochran Engineering /City of Sullivan, MO TIMELINE:  Master Plan - Summer 2015
Fairgrounds Entrance and Memorial Plaza Dropoff
Softball Field Quadplex
Soccer Fields and Memorial Park
Pool/Clubhouse - Heritage Hawk Ridge Lake St. Louis, MO
Minnie Ha Ha Park - Master Plan, Sunset Hills, MO
Playground - UMSL Early Childhood Center, St. Louis, MO
North Athletic Fields - John Burroughs School, Ladue, MO
TASK - Concept Development Plan - Sunset Hills, MO
The Timbers Rec Center - City of Eureka, MO
Sterling Bank Sculpture Park - Chesterfield, MO
Phoenix Park Master Plan - Washington, MO
Sunset Hills Parks Master Plan - City of Sunset Hills, MO
Memorial Park - BJC Health Services - St. Louis, MO
Twin Oaks Park Trail Plan - Village of Twin Oaks, MO
Existing Site - Limestone Glade Preserve
Concept Ball Field Image
Wayfinding/Signage Plan
Parks&rec Parks&rec