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NEWS R. Patrick Worzer, ASLA, RLA, CLARB - Principal is certified through the Council of Landscape  Architectural Registration Board (CLARB).   Being certified by CLARB is an industry standard that recognizes Licensed Landscape Architects  similar to the designation of CPA for an accountant.   As part of certification, Landscape Architects can use CLARB’s formal recommendations when  applying to other licensure boards across the United States. Typically certified professionals meet or  exceed the standards of being set by the CLARB Member Boards that are recommended nationally as  the minimum requirements for licensure.  This effectively allows certified professionals to obtain  registration throughout the country and practice in other states that require licensed Landscape  Architects.  CLARB Certified professionals provide outstanding credentials that supports the individuals education,  experience and commitment to excellence. A CLARB member also supports the mission to protect the  general public health, safety and welfare. 
Project Clear Rainscaping Program - Pine Lawn, MO Gateway Design Services has teamed with KPFF Consulting  Engineers in providing plans for one of the first Project Clear  developments within the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District  (MSD). As part of a multi-million dollar grant program, MSD  administers funds for local communities to impliment storm  water mitigation and clean water requirements within it’s  jurisdiction.   The Pine Lawn project represents one of the first such grant  projects to be submitted and approved for implimentation.  GDS, Inc. in collaboration with KPFF are providing services  for the local non-for-profit organization Beyond Housing as  the applicant in developing the landscape and engineering  drawings necessary for implimentation of bio-retention  basins, vegetated bio-swales and pervious areas in order to  reduce runnoff and provide effective storm water filtration. 
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