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Arlington Grove Residential Redevelopment - City of St. Louis, MO
Chesterfield Parkway Median Enhancement  - Chesterfield, MO
FEATURES: Multi-Family Residential Street Level Retail Green Community Urban Redevelopment Native Landscaping Low Maintenance Low Volume Irrigation
SERVICES:  Landscape Design Irrigation Sprinkler Design
CLIENT:  St. Louis Housing Authority DEVELOPER:  McCormick Barron YEAR COMPLETED:  2012
FEATURES: 2 Mile Roadway  Median Enhancement Drought/Salt Resistance Plants Native Plant Material Water Conservation Sustainable Design for Maintenance
SERVICES:  Landscape Architecture Sustainable Design Irrigation Design Site Distance Analysis and Traffic Safety
CLIENT:  City of Chesterfield, MO YEAR COMPLETED:  Summer 2010
Heritage Hawk Ridge Community - Lake St. Louis, MO
FEATURES: Mixed use Residential Clubhouse & Rec Center Pool & Tennis Courts Bocce Courts Fountains & Waterfalls Low Maintenance Landscape Irrigation
SERVICES:  Landscape Design Irrigation Design Hardscape Design
CLIENT/OWNER:  US Homes/Whitaker Homes
Our Communities Studio provides planning and design for a range of projects which include residential  communities, mixed use type developments and public municipal capital improvements. Our experienced  planners are committed to provide full support and expert design guidance with respect to understanding the  importance of building community identity, engineering low impact development and instituting sustainable  design practices. This studio  specializes in producing master plans, site development plans, capital  improvement plans and streetscape plans. Our staff offers a full service experience with the client as a key  player as part of the GDS design team.  CLICK ON THE THUMBNAILS BELOW TO ENLARGE... 
Heritage Hawk Ridge - Lake St. Louis, MO
Heritage Hawk Ridge - Entrance Parkway
Heritage Hawk Ridge - Pool Area
ADDITIONAL NOTABLE COMMUNITY PROJECTS ARE LISTED BELOW.... Horner Place Town Homes, St. Louis, MO Village Royale Apartments, St. Louis, MO Forest Woods Apartments, Valley Park, MO Lin Capri Condominiums, Creve Coeur, MO Heritage Estates Apartments, St. Louis, MO The Villages of Manderleigh, Town & Country, MO Mark Twain Housing Modernization, City of St. Louis, MO Warwood Housing Modernization, City of St. Louis, MO Jefferson Ave. Median Improvements, City of St. Louis Metro Link/Walinca Landscape Improvements, City of Clayton, MO
Chesterfield Parkway West Bound
Concept Elevation Sketch
Median Concept Design
Chesterfield Parkway South Bound
Historic Arlington School Building
Townhouse Streetscape
Perspective Sketch -Arlington Grove
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Terra Vista Residential Dev. - Chesterfield, MO
Majestic Stove Lofts - Courtyard, St. Louis, MO
Majestic Stove Lofts - St. Louis, MO
Multi Sport Court - Village Royale Apartments
Village Royale Apartments Pool Area
Argonne Parking Area - City of Oakland, MO
Street Section Concept  - City of Oakland, MO
Argonne Parking Area - Oakland, MO
Gateway Entrance Concept  - City of Oakland, MO
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